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Educational Textbook Publishers

Accurate Publishing Company has produced educational textbooks throughout its existence (August 1, 1990). In line with its history, it is now branching out to include textbooks that are written for various software programs. Its regular set of computer-related texts will continue to be published. Information about textbooks for various software programs can be located on the Products’ Page of this Web Site.

The company has also been focusing on a line of study-review guides for pre-service and in-service teachers. Many states require teachers to take and pass national or state exams before they can receive a valid license or a teaching certificate for that state. For example, individuals, who are preparing to teach in the state of Illinois, must pass a series of tests before they can receive their first certificate to teach in this state. In addition to the Basic Skills test, they are now required to take and pass the content-subject area test and the Assessment of Professional Teaching test.

Some examinees need that extra boost in order to take and pass these exams. Accurate Publishing Company is pleased to release a content-subject area study-review preparatory guide and an Assessment of Professional Teaching guide for the following areas:

Assessment of Professional Teaching
Basic Skills Study-Review Preparatory Guide
Business, Marketing, and Computer Education
Enjoying Everyday Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math

Information about these publications can be located on the Products’ Page of this Web Site.

WordPerfect Users
Accurate Publishing Company has consistently published texts for use with the Corel WordPerfect software programs. The latest versions have features that allow users to share files and E-mail attachments with Microsoft®, Lotus®, and other software users. As newer versions are released, Accurate Publishing will complement those versions with related publications.

WordPerfect® has always been flexible and user-friendly. However, for those who are not familiar with the program, there are simple features such as the various page numbering modes (Roman numerals, Arabic, etc.), which make the use of the word processing program easy to use. For example, the user can change the numbering format for each page, if so desired, and with no difficulty. Also, full or partial-page alignments can be done with great ease. And the favored Reveal Codes feature is still included with the program. For new users, the Reveal Codes feature allows the user to see every command key that has been utilized in a document--those intended and those used accidentally--which can easily be deleted right from the Reveal Codes screen.

Accurate Publishing Company, Inc's official writer, with permission from the Corel Corporation, has produced a series of texts for versions of WordPerfect® dating back to version 4.0.
These texts are field-tested and have been written for user-friendly accomplishments. Each feature that is introduced is supported by numerous assignments to reinforce the newly-learned features. For information about the WordPerfect texts, please go to the Products’ page of this Web site.

For Microsoft® Word Users

Accurate Publishing Company is releasing its first of a series of texts that are written for Microsoft users. The text, Learning Microsoft Office Word 2007, is a quick user’s guide that is designed to provide learners with a basic understanding of Microsoft Word 2007. It is written for the mature, adult population who is interested in learning the basic features of this software program in short learning modules. Users will experience the satisfaction of knowing they can personally learn the basic functions with little or no difficulty. The text has been field-tested by instructors who use Microsoft products. The text consists of approximately 80 pages in total.

For information about the Microsoft text(s), please go to the Products’ page of this Web site


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